#tropical modernism

     2017 | Oslo
     Los Angeles
     Bo Bardi
     Burle Marx      Niemeyer


* Panels related to Oscar Niemeyer in São Paulo

* Panels related to Oscar Niemeyer in Los Angeles

* Panels related to Oscar Niemeyer in Berlin

Oscar Niemeyer is recognized as one of the first to pioneer new architectonic concepts in Brazil, his designs involve artistic gestures with underlying logic and substance. His pursuit of great architecture linked to the roots of his native land, has resulted in new plastic forms and a lyricism in buildings, not only in Brazil, but all over the world.

Modernist architects have long been enamored with glass and its ambiguous qualities—solid yet invisible, present yet transparent. Kellndorfer’s interest in the ambiguity of space within buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer, is evident in her studies of architectural elements such as glass windows, blinds and screens, whether man-made or shelters of vegetation, that provide privacy yet filter natural light to create a kind of enigmatic environment.